With PROTRIP-WORLD you can choose between a pure travel health insurance and a combination of travel health, accident, baggage, assistance and liability insurance.

PROTRIP-WORLD as a package with international travel health, personal liability, accident, baggage and assistance insurance

Travel health insurance

Outpatient medical treatment


Inpatient medical treatment including operations


Provision with medicine, dressing material, remedies and medical appliances


Dental treatment for pain relief including simple fillings as well as repair of existing dentures and dental prosthesis per case

up to €500

Liability insurance Standard

Personal liability insurance including “professional” liability insurance for au pairs with a lump sum for personal injury and property damageup to €1,000,000
Property damage to host family’s immovable propertyup to €1,000,000*
Damage to rented property covered by the policyup to €100,000*
Liability loss caused during activities as an internup to €10,000*

*Sublimit within the basic sum insured

Liability insurance Complete

Lump sum for personal injury, property damage and financial lossup to €5,000,000
Damages occurring during internships, which are part of university studies or an Erasmus Plus program


Damages occurring during internships, which are not part of university studies or an Erasmus Plus programup to €10,000* with a deductible of €100


*Sublimit within the basic sum insured

Accident insurance

Accidental death benefit€10,000
Disability benefit€30,000
Disability classification350%
Benefit in case of 100% accidental disability€105.000

Baggage insurance

Sum insured€2,000
The policy includes damage to furs, jewelry, objects made of precious metals, laptops, photographic and film equipment and portable video systems, including their accessories. For the aforementioned objects, the liability for damages per insured event is limited to50% of the sum insured
Deductible for damage to baggage per insured event€50

Assistance insurance

Assistance in case of loss of travel funds


Assistance in case of loss of travel documents


Assistance in case of criminal prosecution


Return trip in case of an emergency


What is required to qualify for PROTRIP-WORLD?

You can be insured through PROTRIP-WORLD if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are not older than 69 years at the beginning of the insurance.
  • The insurance policy is purchased prior to departure for the entire duration of the stay abroad or after departure for the remaining period of the stay abroad, but for a maximum of 24 months. Please notice our information about the waiting period if you apply for insurance after crossing the border.

Who is PROTRIP-WORLD suitable for?

This international insurance has been especially developed for people who wish to stay abroad for up to 2 years. It is irrelevant whether you are traveling privately or for business reasons. PROTRIP-WORLD is recommended for international students and doctoral students, language and exchange students, interns, travelers, au pairs, volunteers as well as high school and Work and Travel participants.

Start of insurance

Provided the appropriate premium has been paid, insurance cover begins on the date stated in the insurance certificate but not before starting your stay abroad.

End of insurance

Insurance ends automatically on the agreed date. Insurance cover ends on the same date, but not later than at the end of the stay abroad. Where a return journey at the end of insurance is not possible for medical reasons, the insurer’s liability to pay extends to the date where a return journey becomes possible.

Waiting period

The insurance needs to be purchased prior to departure for the entire duration of the stay abroad or after departure for the remaining period of the stay abroad. (However, the maximum duration of insurance is 24 months.) Should the application for insurance be submitted after border crossing, the waiting period for medical claims will be 14 days from the start of the insurance. The waiting period for insured pregnancy benefits is 10 months. 

No waiting period applies in case of accidents and medical help aiming to prevent acute danger to the insured person's life or when the insurance was purchased subsequently to a prior insurance. In this case, please hand in a copy of your prior insurance.


Everything you need to know about the requirements, who the insurance is suitable for, start, end and waiting period at PROTRIP-WORLD.

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Comprehensive protection at a low price. With PROTRIP-WORLD, you only pay for exactly what you need.

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