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You would like to have detailed information before purchasing International Health Insurance? We have put together the most important information about our International Health Insurance Policy PROTRIP-WORLD.

Advantages of PROTRIP-WORLD insurance

PROTRIP-WORLD accompanies you well and inexpensively.

By national and international standards, PROTRIP-WORLD is available at an unbeatable price. Moreover, the insurance stands for strong benefits which can be extended to a comprehensive cover, if desired. A passionate company, which has placed high value on service for more than 60 years, is behind PROTRIP-WORLD.

With PROTRIP-WORLD the choice is yours.

Comprehensive insurance package or low budget insurance - PROTRIP-WORLD can be everything. By buying one of the additional package consisting of accident, liability, baggage and assistance insurance, you will get comprehensive insurance cover. In addition to that you can choose between the insurance with or without a deductible.

Travel securely with the MY-SAFETY-APP 2

With the MY-SAFETY-APP 2, you get extremely helpful functions on your smartphone such as immediate emergency assistance, worldwide medical advice around the clock, safety alerts, local news in real time and effortless management of your insurance and travel documents with direct reimbursement claims.

Air Doctor App included

Feeling ill and need an appointment with a doctor? Use the Air Doctor App - at no extra cost to you, of course. Book a free appointment directly! No matter whether it's with a general practitioner, a hospital or a specialist. All outpatient examinations can be booked and billed via the app. So you don't have to submit any more invoices to us.

Cancellation free of charge

Your travel plans change? You can cancel free of charge before the start of the insurance without giving any reason. The travel period changes? Rebook the insurance period free of charge. Are you travelling home earlier? You will be refunded any premiums you have paid too much.

Corona infection insured

If you get ill with COVID-19 during your journey, PROTRIP-WORLD offers you protection. The medical treatment of the coronavirus infection is insured.

PROTRIP-WORLD can be taken out even after departure.

Forgot to take out insurance? The existing insurance can not be prolonged? We have the solution! Most travel insurance policies must be taken out before departure. Once you are abroad, insurance is no longer possible with most providers. PROTRIP-WORLD can also be taken out after departure. This is good news for latecomers. Of course, we recommend taking out insurance before departure, so that you are insured from the beginning of your stay abroad and avoid waiting periods. In our section What is required to qualify for PROTRIP-WORLD? we explain what the waiting period is all about.

Numerous sports insured

You want to take part in sports activities offered by your high school or university or you like skiing, hiking, cycling or water skiing? With PROTRIP-WORLD, all these activities are insured. No insurance coverage is provided for motorcycle or car racing, parachuting, paragliding, bungee jumping, base jumping, mountaineering (with climbing gear), free climbing as well as sport diving and scuba diving. However, professional athletes cannot be insured in PROTRIP-WORLD.

We insure what you love.

We do not only care about your health insurance, we also have your baggage at heart. If you take your laptop or your expensive mobile phone on vacation, baggage insurance is highly recommended. The following rule of thumb applies: The more valuable your baggage, the higher the importance of baggage insurance. Pure baggage insurance is relatively expensive. If you choose one of the additional insurances, you will not only get baggage insurance, but also liability, accident and assistance insurance at a low price.

You can rely on us around the clock.

Among other things, the additional packages include comprehensive assistance benefits that are vital for young travelers and will soothe their parents' jangled nerves. These services include a 24-hour emergency number, support and organization of upcoming hospital stays and potential return transports as well as legal assistance and help with lost means of payment.

Customer experience with PROTRIP-WORLD

Read how our customers rate our PROTRIP-WORLD insurance

What do our customers think about this specific international health insurance policy? What kind of experience did travelers have with PROTRIP-WORLD? Here you will find the answer to these questions. For this purpose, we cooperate with, a portal where customers can describe their experience with certain companies or products. Usually, they write short remarks, but sometimes even full reports. Read the latest reviews for our insurance policy PROTRIP-WORLD. For all customer reviews, go to Reviews with

Take advantage of the unbeatable benefits of PROTRIP-WORLD and secure yourself now.