Travel health insurance

PROTRIP-WORLD offers the perfect international health insurance for your travels worldwide. Flexible - can also be taken out as follow-up insurance or after the start of your trip!

Insurance cover is provided for:

– where medically necessary –

inpatient treatment at a hospital, including operations without optional services


outpatient medical treatment


medicine, remedies and dressing material


dental treatment for pain relief including simple fillings as well as repair of existing dentures and dental prosthesis, per insured eventup to €500
dental treatments that become necessary as a result of an accident of the insured person during his/her stay abroad, per insured eventup to €1,000
outpatient initial treatment of mental illnessesup to €1,500
inpatient emergency treatment of first-time mental or emotional disordersup to €20,000
medical appliances (e.g. walking aids, renting a wheelchair) where they become necessary for the first time as a result of an accident or illness during the insured stay abroad


medical treatment until the patient is suitable for transport, insofar as a return transport prior to the end of the insured stay is not possible since the insured person is not suitable for transport (max. 90 days)


treatments during pregnancy, if such pregnancy occurred during the insured stay. The waiting period for insured benefits in the context of pregnancy is 10 months.


costs for preventive medical examinations up to the 12th week of pregnancy


two ultrasound scans, unless further scans are medically necessary due to extraordinary circumstances


treatment of pregnancy complications


outpatient and inpatient childbirth. Additional costs of a cesarean section (if medically necessary) refundable


abortion for medical reasons


obstetricians and midwives


postnatal care for mother and newborn. Benefits for the newborn are limited to €50,000


acute and unexpected deterioration in the health of the mother and/or baby if the mother was already pregnant prior to the start of the insured stay


medically necessary transport for hospitalization or initial outpatient treatment in a hospital; transport must be provided by a recognized emergency medical service


medically reasonable return transport of the insured person to his/her residence in his/her home country or to the hospital nearest to his/her place of residence abroad. During travel, the insurer will also bear the costs for the medically reasonable return transport to the insured person’s place of residence abroad or to the hospital nearest to the insured person’s place of residence abroad


transport of the insured person’s mortal remains to his/her last permanent residence or funeral abroad up to the total amount of the costs for the transport of mortal remains


You will find a full description of benefits and benefit exclusions in the General Insurance Conditions

Exclusion of benefits – the facts

No insurance cover is provided for damages:

  • intentionally caused by the insured person
  • caused by the insured person as a result of an intentional criminal act or the intentional attempt of committing a criminal act


Health Insurance does not cover:

  • Costs of treatment of illnesses, complaints and physical malformation as well as the consequences thereof because of which the insured person obtained medical advise or which were medically treated during the last six months prior to the beginning of insurance coverage. Complaints and illnesses already existing at the start of the insurance are excluded from the insurance cover. 
  • Treatments and other medically prescribed measures of which the insured person knew at the start of the journey that they would have to take place for medical reasons in case the trip was carried out as planned (e.g. dialysis).
  • Costs for the medical treatment and medically prescribed measures as well as medical transport, rescue and recovery measures relating to the exercise of the following sports: motorcycle or car racing including the training related hereto, parachuting, paragliding, bungee jumping, base jumping, mountaineering (if special climbing equipment is required), free climbing, sport diving and scuba diving as well as paid sport or professional sport.
  • Costs for preventive examinations (including check-ups) and vaccinations.
  • Purchase and repair of pacemakers, prostheses, visual and hearing aids.
  • Costs due to accidents or illnesses as a result of mental illness or cognitive disorders if these are caused by the use of alcohol, drugs, intoxicants or narcotics, sleeping pills or other narcotic substances.
  • Acupuncture, fango and massages.
  • Need of care or custody.
  • Outpatient psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic treatments as well as hypnosis unless covered within the policy’s medical benefits.
  • Costs due to pregnancy and childbirth if the mother was already pregnant prior to the start of the insured stay, unless there is an acute and unexpected deterioration in the health of the mother and/or baby.

You will find the detailed terms and conditions in the General Insurance Conditions

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With PROTRIP-WORLD international travel health insurance, you are optimally protected in the event of illness during your trip.

With the PROTRIP-WORLD insurance package, consisting of international health insurance as well as liability, accident, baggage and assistance insurance, you can travel with complete peace of mind.

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