Five good reasons in favor of PROTRIP-WORLD.

PROTRIP-WORLD accompanies you well and inexpensively.

By national and international standards, PROTRIP-WORLD is available at an unbeatable price. Moreover, the insurance stands for strong benefits which can be extended to a comprehensive cover, if desired. A passionate company, which has placed high value on service for 60 years, is behind PROTRIP-WORLD.

With PROTRIP-WORLD the choice is yours.

Comprehensive insurance package or low budget insurance - PROTRIP-WORLD can be everything. By buying the additional package consisting of accident, liability, baggage and assistance insurance, you will get comprehensive insurance cover. In addition to that you can choose between the insurance with or without a deductible.

We insure what you love.

We do not only care about your health insurance, we also have your baggage at heart. If you take your laptop or your expensive mobile phone on vacation, baggage insurance is highly recommended. The following rule of thumb applies: The more valuable your baggage, the higher the importance of baggage insurance. Pure baggage insurance is relatively expensive. If you choose the additional insurance, you will get not only baggage insurance, but also liability insurance and assistance insurance at a low price.

You can rely on us around the clock.

Among other things, the additional package includes comprehensive assistance benefits that are vital for young travelers and will soothe their parents' jangled nerves. These services include a 24-hour emergency number, support and organization of upcoming hospital stays and potential return transports as well as legal assistance and help with lost means of payment.

With PROTRIP-WORLD you travel flexibly.

It is not always possible to plan the exact duration of a stay abroad. PROTRIP-WORLD can be extended, but if you return early, the premium will also be calculated to the day. You will find more detailed information at FAQ.

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